Wurkin Stiffs: The Magnetic Collar Stay

Business identityThe standard dress code for the majority of men ages 25 to 55 is the button-up dress shirt. If you work in a more formal setting, you might pair it with a tie and suit jacket, but for many guys, no tie with the top button undone is the norm. Button-up shirts can be dressed up for work and dressed down for casual wear, making them an extremely versatile, necessary item in every man’s closet.

Since style rules have evolved, button-up dress shirts are no longer exclusively worn as they were intended – with a tie. Unbuttoning the first, or even the first two buttons, is completely acceptable, however doing so can bring a host of styling problems when it comes to the collar. When you leave the top buttons undone, the collar opens and the shirt bends and folds on itself, or you end up with an extremely flared collar that looks like a tribute to the 1970s – not the kind of look a gentleman is going for.

Enter Wurkin Stiffs. These collar stays were created by Jonathon Boos, who came up with the idea to use magnets to hold your collar in place one evening while struggling to control a flaring collar. The metal collar stay is held in place by a small magnet that goes on the inside of your shirt, keeping your collar fixed in place wherever you situate it. The magnets are powerful, and will stay in place over the course of the entire day, keeping your look fresh and crisp.

Fix the cheesy-looking flaring collar with one pair of Wurkin Stiff Power Stays.


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