Fatboy Perfect Putty Really is Pretty Perfect

Fatboy Perfect Putty was started by a hairstylist on a mission to find the perfect pufatboy puttytty. This hairstylist, Tyson Kennedy, was the lead singer for a band called Steriogram in New Zealand. His journey led him to experimenting with different ingredients in his kitchen. After much trial and error, Fatboy was brought to life. The putty became an instant favorite by any and everyone who got their hands on it. It has been featured in various press articles including The New York Times and INSTYLE Magazine. It’s also famously loved by former presidential candidate Mitt Romney!

Fatboy Putty originated in NYC but is currently being manufactured in New Zealand and can be found at retailers around the world. There are only two retailers in our area to carry this exclusive line, and The Gents Place is one of them!

This putty gives your hair that all important matte finish and a second day texture from day one. It adds an increase in volume but without the greasy build up…even on the finest of hair. And at a $20 price point, this is something everyone can enjoy.

There is no denying that a company specializing in one product really makes that product perfect. Fatboy Perfect Putty is definitely one product every man should own.

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