April 24, 2022
Should Gents Floss?

More than a third of Americans say they never floss at all and that’s probably in part due to a resistance to adding one more thing to a hygiene routine….

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March 9, 2022
Why Gents Should Consider Using Facial Serums

Incorporating a new step into one’s grooming routine isn’t easy.  If we’ve established something we like, it’s hard at first to add one thing, even if that one thing doesn’t…

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March 16, 2021
Why Gents Get their Hands Repaired

While getting your hair cut might be one of the most obvious reasons you visit a Gents Place club, we’ve always said we aren’t in the haircut business.  We’re in…

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March 2, 2021
Anti-Aging Tips for the Gent

While it’s true that men can age gracefully, that’s not something we should just trust to happen on its own.  We can’t all be George Clooney in that aspect (or…

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July 31, 2020
Getting Your Feet Repaired

One of the services we offer here at The Gents Place is a foot repair (what some people call a “pedicure”).  We know that part of looking and feeling your…

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May 19, 2020
Beard Maintenance Basics Part 2: Tools of the Trade

This is a guest post from David Ford of Mad Man Essentials.  You can find Part 1 here. In the last article about beard maintenance we talked about the proper products…

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March 5, 2020
Why Eye Cream Matters

Skin is our biggest organ, and like many other organs in our body, has a magnificent ability to replenish, heal, and protect itself.  But also like other organs, that ability…

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September 10, 2019
Wax Services for the Gent

There are all sorts of ways that Gents can deal with hair that grows from our nose, ears, and in between our eyebrows. A wax might not be on the…

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