Made By a Man for a Man

Ever think to yourself… “I wish this bar of soap came with a handle because I can’t seem to hang on to it!” Or, why isn’t there a shampoo/condsoapitioner/ body wash in one that is actually beneficial for my hair? Well now there is! Musgo Real men’s products are perfect for the “no fuss type of guy” that wants to stay well groomed yet can’t find the time to do it.

Jon Bresler began the company over 20 years ago, and created the best-selling soap Claus Porto. Expanding his knowledge of fragrances, Jon began studies scents in Grasse and Florence. This training was then immediately applied to the creation of new scents for the extremely popular and ever growing Claus Porto line. The search for other fine products continued and still does to this day.

One of the bestselling men’s products is the shampoo/shower gel. This is a shampoo and body wash in one. The product is highly enriched with wheat proteins and coconut extracts so no conditioner is needed! No slip ergonomic shape is perfect for travel, club or gym. Just lather, rinse and go; available in a variety of masculine scents such as musgo classic, vetyver and patchouli scent.

Some of the other manly merchandise include soap on a rope and body cream. Musgo was made by a man, especially for men. This one name you don’t want to forget.

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