Best. Shirts. Ever. (From a Brand You’ve Likely Never Owned)

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I wrote last week on the value of sound business advice (and, in particular, on trading this advice for a $65 shave package), and I’ve been both humbled and inspired by your thoughtful replies:

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

 —shared by Brian Allsbrook

In return, I shared some thoughts on fundraising and leadership that have helped make Gents a growing brand. Now it’s time to share what’s among my favorite men’s fashion advice:

“Check out Charles Tyrwhitt LLP (UK).
Epic shirts from London.”

—shared by a Gents member wearing an epic shirt

I get a lot of advice to check out brands (and have discovered a few of the best men’s grooming products this way, which we’ve since gone on to carry), but none until now have made me rethink my long history of brand loyalty.

I ordered four as a trial (free returns!) and have since found myself debating whether to order four more or just ask for one of everything.

Best Men's Dress Shirts

Bringing Balance to the Dress Shirt
Most of you know the story of how I came to found the Gents Place. The short version is I was tired of avoiding haircuts because my only choices were discount chains and effeminate salons.

I’ve long felt much the same, actually, about dress shirts. I’ve had no problem finding shirts that either looked great or fit great or were made of great fabric that rivaled the thread count of my favorite sheets . . . but never before have I found all of this in a single shirt.  Nor have I found any that come with brass collar stays or that offer an option (at least for certain designs) to do without the pockets—a sleek design cue from tuxedo shirts that I’m fairly sure has made me a convert moving forward.

Best Men's Dress Shirts Reviewed

Add free returns and a six-month “no-quibble” guarantee I haven’t found reason to test, and I couldn’t help but share.

If you have any tips on freeing up closet space, please leave them in the comments. I’m sensing I might need some…

Charles Tyrwhitt LLP (UK)

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  1. Indeed these are excellent shirts. It’s my exclusive brand dress shirt since finding the store on a trip to NYC. The best fitting experience can be had in one of the stores and they can ship them home for you avoiding the sales tax.

  2. Extra Closet Space???
    Every year (when the time change gives me an extra hour) we take all our clothes on hangers down and then put them back up with the hook facing the opposite direction from normal. As clothes are worn and laundered, we hang them back up facing the normal direction. After a year (the next time I get an extra hour) anything facing the wrong direction goes to charity… If you haven’t worn it in a year… who needs it?

  3. Just please men, start wearing more dress shirts in general (ties and suits are nice as well). A well-dressed, well-articulated gentleman is a very hard thing to resist.

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