6 Style No-Nos For the Gent

We recently covered some style trends we’ve been seeing, but it’s been a long time since we shared some Style “No-Nos.”  While we’ve usually used seasons like Spring, Fall, and Winter to share specific No-Nos, in this article we’ll cover some all-weather tips to make sure you’re looking the part of a Gent at all times.

1. Too Much Fragrance

We’ve talked about the what and why of men’s fragrances before, but implied in the proper use of any fragrance is using the right amount.  Keep in mind that we can get desensitized to a particular scent (even our favorites!) and that some of us have a poor sense of smell to start with, so you should never apply cologne, whether it’s eau de parfum or eau de toilette, based on what you can smell.  When it comes to fragrance, rely on routine, not your nose.  One spray on your neck and/or chest, and possibly your wrists, from ten inches away.  Done.  Your goal is to draw people in, not repel them, and too much fragrance can do just that.

2. Overstuffed Wallet

We’ve made the case for slimmer wallets in the past, and technology has come along to make that even easier.  Apple Pay and other payment systems allow you to use your phone to pay for things, meaning you don’t have to lug those credit and debit cards around, and apps like Stocard mean you don’t even have to carry loyalty cards around either.  Overstuffed wallets make for unsightly bulges and uncomfortable sitting, to say nothing of making you look like a disorganized slob.

3. Wearable Phone Cases

We can’t believe we would ever have to say this, but Prada, Versace, and Dior rolled out some wearable phone cases for men some years back that look like a cross between a purse and badge for a conference.  Versace’s wearable case for the iPhone cost just under $1000.  Just.  No.  Ever.

4. Backpack With a Suit

You’re wearing a suit because you want to look and feel your best.  And then you put a backpack on and look like you’re about five years old.  We get the convenience of a backpack, but there’s never been more stylish options available, like duffle and messenger bags from brands like Buffalo Jackson, for example.  You’ll look like a grown-up again and your suit will thank you.

5. Matching Pocket Square and Tie

If you want to look like you just picked up something off a department store rack, definitely match your pocket square and tie.  To compound this rookie mistake, make sure the material is shiny silk.  All kidding aside, we’ve talked about some principles of using a pocket square before.  A main takeaway: it’s a complement to what you’re wearing, not a matching element.

6. Too much jewelry

Johnny Depp can do this because, well, he’s Johnny Depp and that’s part of his Captain Jack Sparrow look.  You are not Captain Jack Sparrow.  The principle here is the same as with fragrance: subtlety works wonders (and is more practical when you’re traveling, anyway).

Is there a no-no that you feel should have made it onto this list?  Let us know in the comments below.

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