Why How You Smell Matters

In previous articles we’ve explained the different types of men’s fragrances and how to properly wear them.  Fragrance is something that a stranger can sense about you before they even see or meet you.  Therefore it’s important to be intentional about why you use a particular fragrance: it says a lot about you.

It’s powerful

Our sense of smell is hundreds of thousands of times more sensitive than our sense of sight.  It’s also something closely connected with memory.  Even the faintest hint of a smell can sometimes trigger an entire collection of memories to burst forth.  As we noted above, people will smell you when they first meet you and you want that memory association to be a positive one, something you’ve handpicked to represent who you are.

Women like it

You probably didn’t know that women, from birth, consistently outperform men in smell tests, both in detection and identification.  Whether you are trying to please your wife or attract a mate how you smell is a statement of the type of man you are and really resonates with the opposite sex.

Look and feel your best

Most importantly, and a message we live every day for the Members of The Gents Place: when you look and feel your best, you perform at your best.  How you smell is an key component of looking and feeling your best.  It’s something you can match to the occasion, your clothing, and yes, even how you wear your hair.

Don’t settle for just smelling clean.  Smell like you, at your best, and that can only be done when you’ve taken the time to pick out the right fragrance(s) for you.

Tired of the scents you have or have we inspired you to take a closer look at a more intentional fragrance profile?  Comment below with your current fragrance of choice and you’ll receive a 10% coupon to use in one of our clubs on the purchase of a new scent.  

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