3 Fashion No-No’s for Spring

Staying stylish is a flexible and sometimes tricky proposition. The rules can often be bent and trends come and go, but there are classic elements of style that you can never go wrong with. But sometimes there are simple “do not dos.”

Gents, listen to the experts and beware of these no-no’s this spring:

1 – Saggy Chinos

Yes, it makes sense to switch from denim to cool cotton chinos in the warmer spring weather. But make sure you stick with a slim, flattering cut. Too many guys bust out their grandpa’s khakis.  Not a great look for a younger guy.

Colorful chinos in slim cuts are in and great for spring. Beau of Siblings with Style recommends “a trim fit that’s not rock-star denim tight.  Think something like a slim-straight Levi’s 513 or a 514 jean, yet in Chino form.” If you choose a bold color for your pants, just be sure not to overdo it with a bold colored shirt too.

2 – Flip Flops

The weather is warming up and you want to tone down your heavy winter footwear. This is perfect. Spring should be the time to refresh your look. That does not mean, however, that you should sink to the lowest level and wear flip flops out on the street.

Flip flops are for the beach. Keep things light with a low cut pair of canvas sneakers instead. Jeffrey Westbrook of Studio D suggests a low-rise Converse All Stars. We agree with expert Sean from MenProvement.com, “shoes make or break the outfit.” Don’t let flip flops break yours.

3 – Wraparound Sports Sunglasses

art-graffiti-man-4776Sure, you need to keep the sun out of your eyes. And a great pair of sunglasses makes for a solid fashion accessory. But leave the wraparounds for your next run or beach volleyball game.

When it comes to sunglasses, go with Rahul’s (from Rahul the Guy Next Door) tips: “Aviators = godlike. Wayfarers = awesome. Sports-sunglasses = FOR SPORTS.”

Remember, fashion is not about being tied down to rules. But these no-no’s will only get you into trouble. Freshen up your wardrobe for spring with lighter looks, bright colors, and classic fits.

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