Cut Like a Gent: The Best Steak Knives

There are few things as powerfully masculine as tearing into a thick, juicy piece of steak. The smell, the flavor – it’s all just a wonderful experience.  So, please, don’t ruin it by being the guy using a butter knife, trying to rub his way through his steak. It’s just wrong in all conceivable ways.  When shopping for steak knives, you have a lot of options. Keep in mind that your knives should look great and cut well on your plate.

Here’s our short list based on quality, style, and value:

Victorinox Rosewood Straight Edge Steak Knife Set

Cut: The real beauty of these knives is in the cut. Whether you are tearing through a tough piece of steak or slipping your blade through a filet, these are your go-to choice.

Comfort: While they may be a little lighter than you’d expect, these Victorinox knives have comfortable handles that make them easy to use. The balance is excellent and you will find yourself simply using the knives, not worrying about how they feel in your hand.

Style: Simple, yet elegant. The rosewood has a rustic feel that goes just right with a steak dinner. These will look great on the table without drawing away undo attention from the main course.

Additional Notes: The quality of these knives is excellent for the reasonable price. (Amazon: Link)

Wusthof Classic Ikon Steak Knives

Cut: These are versatile blades that will slice easily through anything you send their way. They are just the right weight so you never feel like you have to put a lot of strain or effort into your cut.Wusthof Knives

Comfort: The handles are nearly perfect, as is the balance of the knives. The contoured handles are easy to grip for hands of all sizes and will never leave you feeling strained.

Style: These are beautiful knives. Both the handles and the blades have a classic elegance that will enhance your dining experience.

Additional Notes: Great steak knives aren’t always cheap. These Wusthofs will set you back more than our other selections but are worth it if you want top-quality knives. (Amazon: Link)

J.A. Henckels International Classic Forged Steak Knives

Cut: A nice, smooth cut is what you can expect from these straight-edged, full-tang knives. If you prefer the even cut of a straight blade over the sometimes messy cut of a serrated knife, you will like these.

Comfort: The plastic handles are smooth and easy to grip. The weight is just right for producing a good cut without having to force your way through your steak.

Style: Simple, black plastic handles and basic, straight edged blades. These are your standard styled knives and will look great with any table setting. (Amazon: Link)

You don’t have to live in the stone ages, trying to rip your meat apart with a rock. You have amazing options to choose from. Ditch those old tools and get the best steak knives of the planet.

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  1. Solid post Ben. You can’t go wrong with Wusthof just because they are very well crafted German knives, but I have to admit that the JA’s are solid budget steak knives, they cut efficiently and look pretty snazzy.

  2. Great choices, the Wusthof Ikon steak knives are about as good as it gets. Do you think they would be the best option out of these?

    Cheers and thanks!

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