Unique and Fun Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

We’ve given you the history of Father’s Day before, but it’s been a few years since we’ve thrown some gift ideas for this holiday your way.  With enough time still before the big day, here are a few unique and interesting (i.e. NOT cuff links, ties, or underwear) gifts to give to the man who gave you life.


There are subscriptions for almost everything under the sun these days, it seems.  Some easy winners are food subscriptions:

  • Coffee (you can also opt for a one-time purchase if you don’t want to commit to monthly shipments)
  • Small batch hot sauce (a shipment once a quarter)
  • Jerky (you can choose how bags you want sent a month and how long you want the subscription to run)
  • Craft Beer (you can choose monthly, every other month, or quarterly)
  • Boozy Jerky (if you were torn between the beer and jerky choices, though this is a crate of goodness rather than a subscription)
  • Cocktails (everything you’ll need to make some fancy drinks)

But you could also get a MasterClass subscription.  You get access to everything in their catalog, including:

Even better, with MasterClass, dad will have a whole year to watch these programs.


We thought we’d keep this category light rather than to add one more book to his pile that dad may or may not get to.  Here are two different dad joke books (one that is “terribly good” and the other “so bad they’re good”) as well as tips on fatherhood from some of the world’s greatest coaches.

Personalized Items

It doesn’t get more personal than DNA testing, does it?  We’ve discussed the various options in a previous article to help you decide which one would be best for your family situation.

If you want something a little lighter (and less expensive), there are a number of engravable pocket knives and beer glasses on Etsy.

Fun and Easy

Ax throwing has become a big obsession in recent years.  How about a home set?  

You could also give him a poster of 100 movies that he can scratch off as he works through (or if he’s a movie buff, he might scratch them all off the day you give it to him!).

You also can’t go wrong with a classic “Dad” baseball cap.

Classic Standbys

If you’re looking for something more classic, you can’t fail with sunglasses, bourbon, or armagnac.  Those linked articles will give you more knowledge to make the right pick.

Pick Up from a Gents Place Club

If you’re looking for something easy, check in with our staff before or after your next visit with us.  We’ve got unique fragrances like Eight and Bob and Creed, Rascal body wash (smells so good!) and eye cream, and of course, shave brushes and razors.

Father’s Day is obviously a special holiday for us here at The Gents Place.  Whatever gift you get your dad this year, remember that the time you can spend with him is always the most valuable thing you can give.

What’s a gift you’ve given in the past that really was a hit with your dad?  Share with us in the comments.

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