Gift Yourself a New Scent

A certain holiday is just days away and sometimes while getting gifts for everyone else, Gents can forget to take care of themselves too.  We’ve got a special offer to incentivize you (more on that later) to treat yourself, and in this article we’ll review some great scents you might be interested in to ring in a new year.

All the products that we carry at our Gents Place clubs, not just our fragrances, have been hand-picked for their uniqueness, but are sometimes internationally sourced and exclusively available for retail purchase at our clubs.  Our team loves to curate products that aid you in looking and feeling your best.

Eight and Bob

Earlier this year we talked about the legendary Eight and Bob fragrance.  In that article we focused on the original formula but we also carry some of the variants, including:

  • Egypt (nutmeg, lavender, moss, patchouli)
  • Memoires de Mustique (orange blossom, neroli, petitgrain, bergamot)
  • Cap d’Antibes (mint, birch, violet leaves, cinnamon, cedar)

Panama Sport

Panama Sport is one of the fragrances made by Boellis, which has its roots in a barber shop of the same name in the center of Naples.  While Antonio founded the barber shop, it was his son Peppino Boellis that made the barber shop into a more social center: haircuts were important, but it also mattered what kind of men you met there and the kinds of conversations that happened (can you guess why we might like the brand?).

Panama Sport was a fragrance built by Maurizio Cerizza, whose father was in the aromatic essences and materials business in Milan.  Surrounded by jasmine, orris, sandalwood, and other raw materials, Maurizio spent a child fascinated by how great fragrances could be built, ingredient by ingredient.

While the brand says “1924” in a nod to the founding of Boellis, Panama Sport is a recent entry, just launched in 2017.  In this fragrance you’ll find notes of bergamot, orange, heliotrope, tonka bean, and sandalwood.


The story of Creed begins in 1760 with a pair of scented leather gloves that were gifted to King George III by a new London tailoring firm founded by James Henry Creed.  The king was pleased with the gift and his granddaughter, Queen Victoria, gave Creed an appointment to the Royal Household.

Creed was then patronized by Emperor Napoleon in 1854 and the company, benefitting from the Queen’s word of mouth, decided to move its headquarters to Paris, continuing to tailor and create remarkable scents.  Since 1760 the family has produced over 200 perfumes and to this day is a family business, in its 7th generation, sourcing all their own raw ingredients and manufacturing them in Fontainebleau, about an hour outside of Paris.

We could not possibly carry all of the scents Creed offers, so we picked a few that we feature at select clubs:

  • Aventus (blackcurrant, jasmine, oakmoss, ambergris)
  • Aventus Cologne (ginger, sandalwood, birch, tonka bean)
  • Irish Tweed (verbena, violet, iris)
  • Mountain Water (mandarin, green tea, sandalwood, musk)

Until the end of the year, any cologne purchase comes with $50 off any annual purchase or renewal.  That’s basically free money to add a new scent to help you look and feel your best!  Check with your local club for details.

Any other scents that you really like that you think we should carry?  Let us know in the comments below.

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