The Gents Place Review That Warmed Our Hearts

When we received this email from a customer, I think we all got a really good feeling. This is what The Gents Place experience is really all about.

I hope you have time to read this whole email. 

I received a text for a free cut at your shop. I scheduled an appointment with Amy for Saturday. Your shop was very busy and thank goodness Amy called to tell me the shop was a little behind so I could reschedule. 

Years ago I worked in the technology field. I enjoyed nice things in life and my companies spoiled me. If your shop was around back then, I would have been a regular. 

A while back my daughter was born. There were complications and my wife struggled badly. Well after the birth, the insurance company informed me that no premiums were paid for 8 months before even though the company had been taking it out of my check. The company locked the doors and filed for bankruptcy while I was on leave and one month before the bills came in. We were wiped completely out. Everything! Ever since then I have found ways to save money. One of the first things I did was start giving myself buzz cuts.

My wife was ok with it and I couldn’t think of anything else. You may be asking why I’m telling you this. I just wanted you to know how big an impact yesterday’s experience was for me. 

I could not believe how impressed I was just walking in the lobby. Amy was very welcoming and attentive. She smiled the whole time I was there. I had a drink and relaxed. I was very excited, but kind of felt like I didn’t really belong in such a nice place. 

I was greeted by Kristin who was very nice. She refreshed my drink and took me to the back. The whole layout was unique and very impressive. 

I think Kristin was somewhat disappointed because all I was getting was a simple buzz cut. She made some great suggestions about growing my hair out, but I know I am just going to be buzzing my hair again. Kristin gave me my cut in just a few minutes. Despite my very short cut, Kristin still gave me a wash and a hot towel. 

Kristin showed me around. You have a great shop. Everyone was nice and I had great experience. 

It has been a very, very long time since I have had an upscale feeling. I haven’t felt so attended to in years. I just felt like I got a small touch of what my success used to feel like. I had a ten dollar bill in my wallet that I left for Kristin. I sat in the lobby for another fifteen minutes just enjoying my surroundings. Then I left. As I was driving home, I thought I should send you an email saying “Thank You” but I really wanted you know how thankful I really was. 

So, thank you for the free haircut and sharing your shop with me. If I could pay you back I would. Perhaps I could possibly help with blogging about your shop on various sites, write for your website, or write a recommendation you could use. I will definitely be telling people about your shop. I will send everyone I can your way.

This email and recommendation really made an impact on us, too! Thank you for sharing. We’re glad we were able to serve you, and hope to see you again sometime at The Gents Place.

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