Three Great Excuses to Wear Cufflinks

Some think that cufflinks are old-fashioned and out of style, but at The Gents Place we think these accessories don’t get enough love. There are at least 3 great excuses to wear a nice pair of cufflinks more often:

  1. A suit looks better with cufflinks. The addition of cufflinks to your dress shirt and suit adds a certain level of class and sophistication. A snazzy pair of cufflinks can be the extra touch that pulls your look together and makes you stand out.
  2. Let’s give ‘em something to talk about. An intricate, interesting or funny pair of cufflinks can also be a great talking point or ice-breaker, especially if you have a story behind them. (Even if you just make up a story about them—we won’t tell.)
  3. Cufflinks are stylish and fun. Traditionally, cufflinks are designated for business or formal occasions, but with the right cufflinks and the right style, you can make them work for more casual ensembles as well. A pair of cufflinks can be just the right touch of sharp sophistication for a night on the town.
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