The Desk of a Gent

A man’s desk is where he gets things done. He rules empires, coaches teams to win, and educates himself in the finer things of life.

Or, he plays video games and surfs the net.

Either way, the only way to be successful in those endeavors is to set the correct atmosphere to get in the flow. That’s why the organization of your desk is important to ensure you can do all of the things listed above, whenever you need to.

As we have moved out of the office and into the home for work, our desk spaces have become used for even more tasks. With the multiple roles a gent’s desk now serves, comes a variety of clutter that can derail productivity and clear thinking habits. The only way to keep that from occurring is by getting your desk organized and setting yourself up for success.

A Place for Everything

One of the key aspects of a gent’s desk is to make sure it is fit for purpose. Sure, you can paint toy soldiers, record a podcast, and make spreadsheet magic from the same desk, but you will excel in all of those areas if you take the time to make separate zones for each of them.

For example, when you are making spreadsheets you most likely have a monitor and a keyboard on your desktop. If you wanted to journal, you would probably have to move the keyboard, at a minimum. This means that the next time you need to crunch some numbers, you will have to pull the keyboard back out. At some point, you may be discouraged from moving on to another task, simply because the task you are working on takes up too much space.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a separate writing area?

Another benefit of separating your zones of work is that you can decorate each area with items of inspiration that may serve as a muse or reminder of why you are working on that particular project. 

So try and expand your desk area if you can. 

Everything in Its Place

If you don’t have the desktop real estate to be able to set your writing space apart, look for ways to make swapping between separate activities more fluid. Make it as easy as possible for you to get ready to move from one activity to the next, capture the inspiration when it arises, and strike while the iron is hot. Don’t lose that moment moving things from your desk to the kitchen table or wherever.

Look for accessories that can be stored quickly and inconspicuously. You can also search for unique storage solutions. You’re undoubtedly not the only man needing to use a desk for multiple purposes, and a quick search on YouTube will help you find workspaces that are already optimized for this same purpose. Borrow ideas from them, then add your own flair.

Being able to clear your desk space is like an eraser clearing the whiteboard in your mind. Your mind can shift gears between multiple pursuits much easier if it doesn’t have a reminder of a pending deadline for another task. 

End-of-Day System

While you are thinking about how to clear your space and make room for another project, you should also think about what you should do at the end of your day. Starting your work day with a clear desk allows your mind to be clear and open. Even if you are not a fastidious organizer, taking the time to put things away at the end of your day will help you start each new day ready to get to work.

There may be stories about how Albert Einstein kept a messy desk, and scientific studies that suggest a cluttered desk indicates genius, but let’s be frank. Most of us are not Einstein. Keeping your workspace orderly allows your own brain to focus on the task at hand, and perform more expediently as well.

Besides, imagine how many more mysteries of science Albert could have solved if he had been able to find the notes he needed without wasting time searching amongst a stack of papers heaped upon his desk.

Ending your day with a habit of cleaning up will set in motion your preparation for returning to work. With time, organizing your workspace may even become a point of excitement for the work to come. We all want to be excited to return to our work. Help make that a reality by giving yourself a space t be excited about.

Your desk is where you do your best work. Make it a place of performance, not the storage space for misfit nicknacks. Tidy up, store things away, and spend the extra time you have searching for the next great discovery.

Or watch some YouTube videos about Einstein.

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