The Best Haircuts for Guys that Hate to Fix Their Hair

Are you always in a rush? Most busy gentlemen are, especially in the morning as they get ready to head out the door and face the day. The last thing you want slowing your down is your hairstyle. Sure, women somehow find time to spend hours washing, rinsing, conditioning, blow drying, and styling their hair.  But you don’t have time for all that.  Looking for a stylish new haircut but worried that you’ll have to spend an hour fixing your hair each morning? No need to worry. Try one of these great haircuts that are perfect for guys that hate to fix their hair.

Messy Hair-This is the epitome of a low maintenance hairstyle. It requires minimal fixing but still looks great. You need medium length hair and should leave it a little longer on the top so that you have a bit of hair to style with. Run your fingers through it lightly and separate the locks so that you get the messy style without looking like you just rolled out of bed. Use a lightweight product that won’t hold your hair rigidly in place but will still keep the weather from ruining your look. The Gents Place recommends LS&B 85 Karats Shaping Clay.
Clean Cut with a Side Part-A clean cut brushed to the side with a casual part is a comfortable, stylish, and easy haircut for guys with medium length hair. It takes just a minute or two to get this look in place. You only need a little bit of product to keep this style in place. Spread the product all through your hair, slicking everything to the back and side. Then, with your fingers, make a casual part. How do you know where the part should be? A good rule of thumb is to part your hair at the same level of your eyebrow arch. The Gents Place recommends JS Sloane Mediumweight Brilliantine.

Short and Textured-If you don’t want to waste time fixing your hair, short is a great way to go. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should totally ignore your hair just because it’s short. Use just a touch of molding clay, pomade, or styling crème to give your hair a bit of texture. This look is classic, easy, and yet still has a modern style to it. The Gents Place recommends LS&B Ruck Matte Putty.

 Classic Crew Cut-Want a classic look that is basically maintenance free? The crew cut might be for you. Add a little bit of product for shine and texture. The Gents Place recommends Lakme Fiber Paste.

 Busy men don’t have time to waste fixing their hair. Use these styles and products to stay stylish without spending excess time in front of the mirror.

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