How To Break It To Your Bro That His Unibrow Has Got To Go

Oh, the unibrow. It is the bane of all things good and yet, continues to be all too common. Worst of all, your buddy is sporting one of those long, meandering brows that jumps right across his face like some terrible, hairy bridge. Hideous.  What are you going to do about it?

If you’re a true friend, you know you have to tell your friend to tame that mess of a unibrow. But you don’t want to come off sounding like some style-obsessed 153177053“metro.” Balance is essential but is not easy to pull off. Here are the do’s and don’ts of how to (tactfully) break the news that your buddy needs to kill the unibrow.

DO keep it short and sweet. Just cut to the chase. He’ll appreciate it and it will make an inherently uncomfortable conversation a little more bearable. Tell him you want to talk to him about something slightly awkward. Then, break the news to him privately.

DON’T drag it out. You’re his friend, not his personal life coach. You do not need to go into some long explanation of how his hair is looking great and he’s got such a winning personality, but… No. A good friend will appreciate you being direct.

DO listen. Once you break the unpleasant news, your buddy is probably going to make some excuses for himself. Be a good friend; listen. This is the perfect setup for the next step:

DO offer suggestions. You can’t just tell the poor guy that he has a terrible unibrow and then leave him on his own. Offer a few suggestions. If he’s a private guy, tell him to tweeze at home. If he’s a little more open, suggest he go to a Men’s Grooming Club, like The Gents Place. They can tweeze or wax away that irreverent brow, whichever he prefers.

DON’T tell him what to do. Let him handle this on his own. Offering suggestions is helpful, but going out and setting an appointment for him or buying him tweezers and showing him how to do it is not cool. Imagine someone were telling you that you need to deal with your unibrow. Wouldn’t you want to handle things on your own?

No one wants to have such an awkward conversation with a friend, but no one wants their friend to be walking around with a unibrow either. So be a good friend, be direct, and be helpful. Tell your buddy that the unibrow has got to go.

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