Pocket Squares…the New Ties?

If pocket squares weren’t already due for a comeback Mad Men has launched them into a full-blown trend. Pocket squares are best used when you want to dress up, but avoid the stuffiness of a coat and tie. Instead, pick a sport coat and pair it with a trendy pocket square. It gives your outfit a dressier look and feel and shows that you care about your dress.

The use of the pocket square has been named one of the Fashion Rules to Live By and is clearly a worldwide trend according to Brogues Before Hos, a Singapore based blog.

Pocket squares are even popular close to home. Austin’s signature stylist Thea Wood featured them on her blog in April 2012 pointing out that, “Austin isn’t very suit friendly in the summer, but alas there are still weddings, galas and (sadly) funerals to attend.  Add your own bit of personality to an otherwise same-old ensemble with a colorful, printed pocket square.”

Make sure that you refer to the Brooks Brother’s Guide to Folding Pocket Squares to nail the fold that’s right for you.

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  1. Thank you for the reference to my Spring Trends post. I’ll be promoting The Gents Place on my Facebook page (facebook.com/theasignaturestylist). I wasn’t familiar with your business and am now very excited to check out your Dallas location when I visit this Fall. Any plans for an Austin location?

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