Dress for Success – What’s Your Motive?

This is a guest post by Mark R. Demos, founder and CEO of www.corp-dna.com

“Dress for Success” is a statement of MOTIVE!  The Motive is simple.  I want to wear clothes that make a statement.  The statement I want to make is, “I am successful”  The thought is if I project a certain image based on the style, fit, brand and appropriateness of the way I dress, then others will look at me and believe I am a success or simply be a statement of my already attained success.

When you walk into The Gents Place, what is your Motive?  You have a goal in mind.  That short-term goal might be one of many: I want to look good.  I need to get ready for a board meeting and want to look like a CEO.  I am being considered for a promotion and I want to look the part.  I am going on a date that could be a big.   You list the goal.

What is your BIG WHY/MOTIVE?  So who are you as a man?  Why are you doing what you are doing in your professional life?  Why would you want to be a great father or husband?  Why do you do anything?  What is your BIG WHY/MOTIVE?  This question applies to the company you lead, a team you play on, a relationship you are involved in.

Nothing really matters unless you have a BIG WHY/MOTIVE?  In the world of law and forensics, there is a simple principle that forms the foundation of every legal case.  It is asks WHY.  What is the MOTIVE?  When MOTIVE cannot be clearly established, the only option available is what we call INSANITY.  Action without thought, planning, goal or sense.   This is not the way a man makes the case for his actions and his life!

Men who win at life and are successful have a BIG WHY/MOTIVE!  Everything is measured against it. Goals feed the Big Why.  Each decision you make in life should in some way be made in light of and to work towards fulfilling the Big Why

I encourage you to think seriously about the Big Why.  Everything in your life will be ultimately measured by it.  It will guide the direction of every area of your life.  If we want to have lives that stand out and have any sense of meaning, you need to have a Motive!

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