Gents Place Values in Our Online Reviews

Some years ago we shared some Yelp reviews that we felt showed our Gents Place values in action.  We’ve opened up a few more locations since then and wanted to once again look at some customer feedback through the lens of our values.

Work with Passion

One of the beliefs we’ve held from day one at The Gents Place is that our passion for our customers will shine out in every aspect of how we serve them.  When that happens people share that passion they experienced with others.  Here is some feedback from members in our Las Vegas club:

“My stylist is a master of her craft, an expert conversationalist, has a strong eye for detail, and is the most personable person I have met in her industry.”

Another member who didn’t normally do online reviews said:

I felt the need to scream about this place from the rooftops.”

Enjoy the Journey

The last twelve months have reminded many of us of what should really be important to us.  Instead of accepting mediocrity, we should take the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Most of us aren’t in a rock band and hence don’t need to grow our hair out for work (though, even rock stars need trims!).  Why not make it an enjoyable experience.  One of our members from Bentonville shared:

“You need to stop meandering in the maze of mediocre men’s haircuts.  You need to stop lying to yourself, saying, ‘I don’t care that much about my hair; it’s good enough.’  You need to let go of ‘I’ve been with my person a long time.'”

A San Antonio member added:

“First rate experience! Phenomenal staff that takes care of you the minute you walk in the door. The appointment starts by bellying up to the bar where you get to pick your pour of several premium whiskeys. While you’re sippin’ your favorite spirit, you get a first rate haircut, straight razor neck shave, and then a shampoo/rinse with hot towel. There’s plenty of other amenities and services. The Gents Place is the “Gold Standard.”

Serve First

We take pride in combining a clear and uniform brand with the community focus of each of our clubs.  Our members feel at home and that makes it easier for them to relax, see friends, do deals, and yes, get their grooming needs met.  One of our Austin members comments:

“The atmosphere is amazing…it would be a great place just to hang out.  There are local artists displayed on the walls.  There’s great music playing, everything from Dean Martin to Pink Floyd.

One of our Fort Worth members adds:

Every time I leave I find myself counting the weeks until I can come back. Would definitely recommend.”

We look forward to welcoming you back!

As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to write a review for us, or have visited multiple locations and would like to review different ones, we encourage you to share your TGP experience!

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