Online reviews remind us of our Gents Place values

A big part of our culture at The Gents Place is the set of values which guide all we do.  While that’s an expected part of our work experience, it’s always encouraging to see those same values reflected back to us via our customer reviews.  In this article we will share a few of those values with you.

Attitudes are contagious…spread good

A key message of The Gents Place is that we do not sell haircuts, we sell a feeling of looking and feeling your best.  We deliver that feeling by giving you the best services, but also by living a positive attitude: it spreads!  Here’s what a new member in Southlake shared recently:

This place embodies the elements of “Gentleman” and the culture of the company is embraced by every employee: from Kristen the receptionist, to Isaac who shines my shoes, to every stylist and barber there. These people work here because they want to, they enjoy it, and it shows in the care and attention they provide in service to their members. It kind of feels like a country club, or a familiar place, where people know my name and I feel like I belong. 

Be your best

Sometimes, despite being our best, it takes a while for our members to share their Gents Place experience, even with family.  Here’s what a new member from Leawood shared:

My brother has been a member for a couple of years. Not sure why it took him so long, but he finally invited me. I had a great experience and plan to join too. This was the best haircut I’ve ever had and was a great experience.

Direct, compassionate communication

We take great pride in the fact that every stylist and barber inputs notes on our clients and members into our system so that we’re never in the dark about how someone’s hair has been cut with us in the past.  But every member started as a first-time visitor, and it’s key to make sure our customers feel the ability to communicate what they are looking for, even if they aren’t entirely sure what that is.  Here’s an example from our original Frisco store:

Instead of the typical, “How do you want your haircut?” question so common amongst the places I have frequented lately, Emily had a sincere conversation with me prior to getting started.  She asked questions, gave advice and explained what she felt would be the best approach to provide me with the vague description I gave her about what I wanted my hair to ultimately look like afterwards.  All along the way, she made sure I was happy with her approach while we conversed.  I left most of the decisions about my hair style up to her, being the expert.  Our pleasant conversation extended to those around us as well.  It was a really casual and comforting environment.

Focus on solutions

As we are run by humans, we sometimes make mistakes.  But rather than dwell on the mistake, we want to find out ways to help our members and clients feel completely satisfied, and you can see that in all the owner responses to our reviews.  Here’s how one of our members from Preston Hollow sees it:

I also wanted to call out the general level of customer service. Everyone is always incredibly courteous and polite. You can tell this trickles down from the top because Ben, the owner, is on top of any issue that could possibly arise. I’m definitely a loyal customer.

As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to write a review for us, or have visited multiple locations and would like to review different ones, we encourage you to share your TGP experience!

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