Four Fun and Useful Gadgets for the Gent

Men have always had the need for tools for their everyday lives.  Whether it’s a pair of shades, an everyday carry knife, or just a type of pen that you enjoy using, part of any Gent’s individual style can be seen in the accessories he chooses.  But sometimes those accessories are gadgets that are less visibly a part of a Gent’s day, but still can help him perform at his best.  We picked four that you might need to help you better your current routines.


We use our smartphones and tablets more than ever these days, and while battery endurance seems to increase every day, we seem to find more ways to drain that juice, providing roughly the same amount of use before needing to charge.  While one solution is always having a charging plug/base around, sometimes the environment or circumstances you are in won’t allow for that, and that’s where an external battery can really help you out.  Small enough to fit in a suit pocket or briefcase, they provide extra power when no other options are around.

One that consistently gets great reviews is the Mophie Power Boost XXL, which carries a whopping 20,800 mAh.  Translated into charges, that’s going to give you eight full charges on an average smartphone before it will need to be recharged itself.


While Apple Airpods continue to be the best selling type of wireless headphones in the world, some people find them hard to use for workouts.  Adidas listened to the market and introduced their RPT-01 over-ear bluetooth wireless headphones.  It is sweat proof and water resistant, with washable ear cushions and inner headband.  It’s also got a control knob for easy interaction and can go 40 hours without a charge.

If you want wireless sound in a place in which you don’t need to worry about keeping the sound to yourself, you could do worse than a Marshall Acton 2 Smart Speaker.  Using the classic styling that Marshall uses for its amps, this smart speaker is preloaded to work with Alexa and has standard Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities.  It can also be synced with other smart speakers throughout your house and can be controlled via an app so that you can just sit back and relax rather than having to get up to fiddle with something prehistoric like a volume control.

But at the very end of your day, you probably want less sound rather than more.  While there’s a lot of helpful advice about keeping your room dark and cool, sound hygiene is also an essential part of a solid sleep routine.  If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you might consider the Bose Sleepbuds II.

Bose clinically tested these sleepbuds and they are proven to help you fall asleep faster.  The technology here isn’t noise cancelling, but noise masking: engineered sounds combined with the design of the buds (which are designed to stay in, even if you toss and turn in your sleep).  You can choose from 50 curated sounds in the app, select your volume, and even add a personal alarm if you want.  Even on your sleep-in days you’ll be covered with 10 hours of battery life.

What’s a gadget you’ve gotten your hands on recently that you would have added to this list?  Share with us in the comments below.

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