Six Great Pens to Consider for Everyday

We’ve discussed pens in previous articles, both in detail about fountain vs. rollerball (we aren’t going to restart that debate!) and in the role of a pen as a key accessory for every gent to own. While we are in an ever more digital world, pens are still something we use each day and there’s no reason for those devices to be unpleasant or inefficient. In this article we’ll discuss some favorites from our Gents Place members.


Delfonics, a Japanese stationery company, makes an excellent wood barrel pen. They are hexagonally shaped for an easy grip. It has a classic and natural look about it, in the way of wooden watches, phone cases, and eyeglasses. You can also use standard 0.7mm refills for it.

If you like the look and styling of the Delfonics pen but prefer something a bit brighter and expressive in color, you can find something similar from Swiss brand Caran d’Ache. They’ve got yellow, violet, and turquoise, all in metallic finishes but obviously usable for whatever color ink cartridge that you want to use.

If metallic finishes like the Caran d’Ache are your preference, but you prefer a “natural” look, you can opt for the fighter-jet-sounding Zebra F-701, which is made of professional-grade stainless steel. Refills come in both fine and medium point, whichever your preference. While it is a ballpoint pen, it has a retractable tip and a knurled metal grip for writing stability.

All of these pens retail under $20.


Those who prefer a smooth write but are not particular about the style or look of their pens often opt for the Pilot G-2 series. This pen can be picked up at almost any office supply store, though if you want more colors you may have to go online.

Part of the allure of the G-2 is its use of ink which is suspended in a water-based gel. This ink tends to show up more clearly than others and Pilot often boasts that these pens last longer than other similar pens. You’ll find that people who use G-2s are obsessed with them and will rarely willingly use other pens.

You can often get a box of 12 of these for under $20.

Works Anywhere

For a pen that works in extreme temperatures or even upside down, there’s only one: the famous Fisher Space Pen. Literally designed to work in space (and the one most often used by astronauts) it can work in almost any condition here on earth, and apparently, outside of it. While it has a classic metal finish, more recently Fisher also introduced a matte black one. You’ll find them in stores or online for right around $20.


Of course, the company in this space is Montblanc, as Hugh Jackman has let us know in the ad campaigns over the years. The standard “starter” model for those who are interested in a luxury pen but aren’t yet ready to pay over $1000 for one is the Meisterstuck ballpoint, which retails right around $300. It looks and feels (and writes) like luxury and makes you just a little more conscious of what you’re writing or signing (which is never a bad thing).

Do you have a favorite on this list or a favorite that should have been on our list? Add it in the comments below and your reasons why to get a free shine service on your next visit to one of our clubs.

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  1. Uniball Jetstream as a pen to toss in a bag. I love the Pilot G2s and prefer the Jetstream.

    Always in my pocket – the Machine Era Pen in brass. It uses Pilot G2 (or Uniball Signo) refills and offers a satisfying feel.

    1. Hey Ben,

      Thank you for your comment! We have added a complimentary shoe shine to your account! We look forward to serving you again soon!

  2. I have been writing with the same exact pen for 30 years now. It is a cross pen that I recieved in 1988, and to this day still writes just as smooth as it did the day it was new.

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