Exercise and Success

You know exercise is good for your health. It helps lower blood pressure, decreases the risk of heart disease, helps keep unwanted weight off, and several other benefits. We’ve heard it for years, but what if we told you exercise could make you more successful? wefitter-treadmill

If you were to poll the top leaders of the world, almost all would tell you they have a consistent fitness plan. Nike CEO Mark Parker, Apple CEO Tim Cook, even President Obama and many other of today’s leaders make fitness a top priority. Why do the busiest men in the world take time out of their packed days to work out? There are a number of reasons, all of which lead to an increased probability of success.

1. Exercise Creates Energy
While the mere thought of working out might exhaust you, it will actually provide you with more energy once you start. Exercise triggers the mitochondria within our cells to start making energy for your body. Exercising won’t empty your tank, but will actually fill it up, allowing you to get more done within your day.

2. Exercise Relieves Stress
Exercise is the number one way to reduce stress. When you work out, your body releases endorphins – hormones that can boost your mood while lowering your perception of pain. These endorphins make you feel more relaxed, thus reducing stress.

3. Exercise Helps You Sleep
We all know that enough quality sleep is important for both mind and body. Data shows exercise can help you achieve better sleep. However, it’s important to keep in mind that high intensity, high impact workouts are not recommended right before bed. Move those strenuous workouts to the morning in order to maximize the sleep benefits of exercise.

 4. Exercise Teaches You Discipline
There is always some amount of discipline required for success, and exercise can help instill or reinforce the habit. Fitness takes a certain amount of discipline. It requires discipline to make yourself get up early everyday and workout. It requires discipline to not cheat yourself and give up a half mile sooner than you should, or skip that last rep of your weight lifting. Mastering these forms of discipline will easily transfer to your professional life.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that the world’s most successful people exercise on a regular basis. So get out there and exercise, gents. If the men and women in charge of multi billion dollar companies can find the time, so can we.

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