Choosing the Correct Hair Product

Confession time. Have you have been using the same old hair product for the last 10 years without even a thought to if it’s the correct one for your hair type? If you answered yes, chances are it’s time to change it up. While men’s styling products may seem like a trivial matter, it is actually rather important that you choose the correct product for your hair type.

That said, take a moment to really think about your hair type. We’re not taking about the type of hair you would like to have. What is (or isn’t) actually growing out of your head? Is it thick or fine and straight? Do you have wavy or extremely curly hair? Is your hair thinning out or do you tend to have oily hair? Determining your hair type will help determine the type of product you should be using in it.

You should also consider the look you would like to achieve. Many products will describe the finished look on the package, so consider you desired end result before purchasing a hair product. If you’re looking for a shiny finish or a wet look, search for “high shine” or “wet” in the product description. Products with the term “matte” will achieve a more natural, dry look, and products with terms like “texture” or “texturizing” will create a layered, multidimensional look. You should also consider the hold of the product, meaning how strong you would like the product to keep your hair in the same place after styling.

Once you’ve determined your hair type and the look you’re going for, it’s time to choose the product type. Use this infographic to choose the product that works with your hair type and matches your desired style.


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