Why You Need Regular Massages

Saying you don’t have time for the luxury of a massage treatment is like saying you don’t have time to change the oil in your car. Yes, you can go a long time without an oil change, but what hidden damage is occurring under the hood? As a busy professional, you don’t have time to waste and what bigger time waster is there than getting sick? Have you considered the recovery time for your average heart attack?

Hopefully you are eating healthy, watching your weight, monitoring your cholesterol, all those things you’ve learned are important for your overall health, but remember the number one factor in many diseases: stress. And what better way to combat stress than getting a regular massage? When you make time for a massage treatment and stop your hectic pace, the relaxation you’ll get from the pause is only one of the benefits.

Benefits of Massage

An important benefit is increased blood flow. As you know, blood transports oxygen and nutrients on a cellular level. For the average businessman, a stiff neck and shoulders is often considered status quo, but it doesn’t need to be. Even a quick chair massage concentrating on this stress area can work wonders. Fresh nutrients reach the muscles, nourishing them.

The lymph system is also stimulated, which aids in releasing and removing old toxins that have been lodged between the fibers of the muscles, building up pressure and contributing to those sore shoulders. And you know they’re sore, go ahead, breath deeply and when you exhale, relax your shoulders. Now hunch them back up like they were and ask yourself why you keep them tensed. Unlike your average business investment, the benefits of massage are immediately measurable. You’ll get up after your treatment and wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along.

Full body massage

Perhaps you felt you only had time for a quick chair massage, concentrating on the neck and shoulders. If so, once you are finished and you realize the benefits, you will want your next treatment to be a full-body massage. Therapists are trained to put you at ease with whatever level of dress or undress makes you comfortable. When you are ready for a full bare-skin massage, the therapist will assure that you are modestly covered with a sheet and only expose the area being worked such as an arm or leg or your back.

With your busy schedule, at first you may find your mind wandering to the next item on your to-do list, however, soon you will sink into the deep relaxation at the skilled hands of your therapist and reap the full benefits of your treatment.

True, you can pay someone to get the oil changed on the car but you can’t pay someone to get a massage for you. That’s the beauty of it, it is personal care you give to yourself. The time you reserve for your massage is your investment in yourself. You are investing in your health, in your future and in your personal well-being. The return-on-investment is well worth it.

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