Better Looking Feet at the Beach & in the Bedroom

Men…you may be under the impression that foot repair services are just not manly enough for you.  Perhaps you’ve never really heard the benefits.  As you know The Gents Place offers the most masculine environment possible by providing you with your own private foot repair suite, complimentary beverage, TV at your fingertips and a service you’ll enjoy without ever having to enter the nail salon. But let’s take a look at those benefits:Foot Repair

  • Help to stop foot odor by removing the excess dead skin from the soles of the feet. No one likes stinky feet!
  • Healthy toenails and cuticles will help prevent ingrown toenails, calluses, corns as well as other foot problems and infections. Prevention is the key, once this occurs it is which more difficult to treat rather than prevent to begin with.
  • Stimulate blood flow and circulation, while providing relief from foot, back, hip and joint pain. Since we are constantly on our feet, better circulation could mean an allover healthy body.
  • Better-looking feet at the beach and in the bedroom. Men… there is no quicker turnoff then a pair of un-manicured feet.
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