Vacation like a Gent

Summer is here, vacationing is in full swing, and gents knows that the perfect vacation requires planning. It doesn’t matter if you’re a family man or a single gent, there are a number of things you should consider before planning your perfect vacation.

The Family Man:aulani-beach-listing-dad-holding-son-on-beach-top-sc

There are more places than Disney World to experience the perfect family vacation. If you are an outdoorsman, then there’s no place like Yellowstone National Park to experience complete family bonding while roasting marshmallows and visiting famous sights like Old Faithful. If your family loves the sand and surf, Honolulu offers a wide selection of affordable hotels and a variety of activities. Here you can spend time relaxing on the sprawling white sand beaches, enjoying high-class restaurants, and even treat the kids to a history lesson by visiting the USS Arizona Memorial. San Diego is also a popular vacation spot for families. Year-round sunny weather, miles of gorgeous beaches, one of the country’s favorite zoos, and mouthwatering cuisine make this destination a perfect vacation spot for a variety of families. One final tip: seek advice. Co-workers, friends, and extended family can be a great resource for the pros and cons of vacation travel. No matter where you decide take the family, with some creative thought and a little planning you’re sure to win “Dad of the Year.”

Single Gents:

Besides the obvious destination of Vegas, there are many places for the single gentleman to experience his ultimate summer vacation. Our advice is to decide what the purpose of your vacation is and plan around that. Are you interested in history and culture, but also have a flair for decadence and refinement? Maybe London is the destination for you. (The complete acceptance of outdoor day drinking doesn’t hurt this location’s allure, either.) Or maybe you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach followed by a private cigar and tequila tasting, with the option of partying until sunrise in San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you’re a gent who loves to golf, then Scottsdale, Arizona is a great place for your vacation. The putting greens are vibrant playgrounds for both businessmen and those simply looking to have a few drinks while chasing around that small white ball on the back nine. Either way, you can play a PGA-approved golf course then follow it up with an extraordinary meal in the many 5-star restaurants Scottsdale has to offer.

Whatever your interests and priorities, there is a perfect vacation out there waiting for you, so go vacation like a gent.

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