Top 5 Things to Always Do on the First Date

158797179 (1)“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and rarely is that first impression more important than on a first date. While you may be able to patch up a botched first date, it’s always better to be prepared to make a good impression the first time around. Here are 5 tips to help you make your next first date a successful one.

1.  Mind your manners. Pick her up on time, hold doors for her, and don’t curse. Offer your hand to help her out of the car, and pull her chair out for her when she sits down. Treat her with respect.

2.  Pay for everything. Don’t mention splitting the bill – just pick up the tab. If your date offers to pay part of the bill, wave her off. If she insists on paying a part, you may concede to let her, but do your best to pay it all.

3.  Pick a good location. Don’t take your date to a movie! Consider going out to dinner (not lunch!) and pick a place where you are comfortable with the food and the prices on the menu. You don’t want to spend the whole meal worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to afford the bill. Keep things simple and moderate on the first date. You don’t want to overwhelm her by taking her to the most extravagant restaurant in town.

4.  Present yourself well. Be confident and conversational. Think beforehand about some  questions you can ask her if conversation starts to stall. Don’t talk on and on about yourself, but don’t be shy either. She wants to get to know you too. Come to your date well groomed – the Gents Place can help with that! Dress appropriately for your date, and let her know where you’re going to so she can dress accordingly.

5.  End the date well. Don’t let the date drag on – end it when you still want just a little more. Afterwards, follow-up. Call her and let her know you want to see her again. If things didn’t go well, you should still call and nicely thank her, but be honest about not wanting to go on another date.

As a bonus tip, bring a small gift. Maybe a single flower, or a small box of sweets. As long as it isn’t over the top it will set a nice tone to the evening. Relax, be yourself, and put these tips into practice and you’ll make an excellent first impression on your next first date.

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