The DNA of the Successful Gentleman – Part 1 FOCUS DNA

This is a guest post by Mark Demos, President of Corp-DNA and LSI.

There are many DNA Markers of success.  I have worked with some amazing people and their Success DNA is often very different.  I want to begin this series of blogs with one man who I admire greatly.   I have seen him create a business that is not only already successful but one that I believe will be the market leader and definer of his particular industry.  I will let you know his name at the end.  He is someone you know.

I sent an email to this exceptional entrepreneur the other day about working on a project we had talked about a few times.  I floated an idea as to how I could help him make the project work and how I could do a lot of the work to help fulfill what I believed his vision to be.  I got an email back which essentially said thanks but no thanks.

This is what he said,

“Thanks, Mark.  GREAT ideas and I completely agree.  However, I’ve got to stay single-minded focused on the core business right now as I’m setting the company up to scale rapidly.  Anything other than that is just a distraction, albeit interesting and fascinating, and a distraction I cannot afford to take right now.  Hope all is well, and thanks as always for your thoughts and inspiration!”

He was working on developing a brand and business that was already very successful.  He had a goal in mind as to what he wanted to do and where he wanted to be in the next couple of years.  He was clear, he was determined, he worked very hard, he had a picture of what he saw the future to be.  The best word I could come up with for his rejection was focus.  Focus was not really rejection but a commitment to his vision.

Probably all of us men played with a magnifying glass when we were kids.  We started fires, burned insects, burned words or names of girls we liked in trees etc.  A magnifying glass, when held with a steady hand and at the right distance from the object we want to impact/burn, will take the power of the almighty sun and direct it.  The result will be intense heat and fire.  The result is the power of FOCUS!

Success and excellence require FOCUS.  Not just some or much of our time but most of our time.  It requires our minds are obsessed with all the angles.  It requires we eat, sleep and dream the focus of our focus. It requires that we “reject” other options and shinny objects no matter how pretty, engaging or what amazing potential they might hold.

Here is one example to illustrate how to focus in relationship.

Relationship – If you are determined to build an exceptional relationship with your wife or future partner, it demands FOCUS.  When you are looking at or entertaining other options when you are looking for success and satisfaction in your relationship, it will not happen when you are open to other great options that are fascinating and interesting.  We have to make a choice sometime and if you want real satisfaction, make a choice and give your time, attention, resources, affection and commitment to one woman.  The rewards can be amazing!

  • What do you as a man want to become successful in?
  •  How focused are you?
  •  What specifically is it you are focused on?
  • Who can you ask to help coach you and keep you focused on your vision?

Think about some of these other areas of life and ask yourself how you can use the power of FOCUS to make them the success you want!

  • Business
  • Career
  • Hobby
  • Other

The next Blog will look at the DNA of Successful Gentlemen – Integrity DNA

Who is the exceptional entrepreneur that helped us define FOCUS DNA?  Ben Davis – CEO of The Gents Place.

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  1. That is Focus indeed! I also have focus and I really like how Ben Davis put it. I tend to do the same… I tell people that there are certain things I want to achieve and that anything besides that will be viewed as a distraction. I’ve actually been paying a llot of attention to my Focus lately because I am busy working a life plan and goals that I want to achieve. Focus is great and I LOVE it!

  2. Great post. Mark! There’s a fine resource on them. It’s called Crystal Magnates, after the crystal trophy presented to the National Championship winner each year. As an excellent writer yourself, you’ll appreciative the repetive use of thesis, analysis and synthesis methodology the author uses in each chapter.

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