The DNA of the Successful Gentleman – The Power of Two Words

This is a guest post by Mark Demos, President of Corp-DNA and LSI.

We all know the twit who is loud, always talking about how great they are, always have a better score, make better deals, etc.  They make us cringe and find ways to exit.  They make us want to use two other words, “Shut up”, or more expletive versions of that.  Gentlemen are men who are secure in their accomplishments, know who they are, see the best in others, never have to make themselves bigger than they are or others who surround them.  Gentlemen are men who know their own strengths and talents and don’t have to steal the thank-youaccomplishments of others, pretend to be more than they are or find ways to put others down in an attempt to shine.

The mark of a true gentleman is found in two simple words, “Thank you.”  Thank you puts the focus on the other person and what they have done.  Thank you in public or private makes the other person aware of their positive actions.  Thank you helps the other person know they have been seen and often those two words mean more than a big tip or even a promotion. 

Tell the person why you are thankful.  Tell the person what they did to make your life bigger, better, easier, more productive or just was appreciated.   What specifically did they do for you, your team, your company.  Being specific makes the “Thank you” much more sincere and powerful.

One of the places I have said “Thank you” more sincerely because I really meant it was after an intense competition.  I have been involved in competitive sport either as a player or coach most of my life.  At the end of the game, win or lose, real gentlemen shake hands.  They say, “Thank you” for pushing me, challenging me, helping me push hard and enjoy doing what I love.  Even when we don’t win, the mark of a true gentleman is to say “Thank you.”   

You never know what those two words can do for others.  They are the words of a man who cares enough to say them.  They are words that can change a day or even a life.  

How often have you used “Thank you” recently?  How much a part of all you do in your interaction with others are those words used?  Maybe you need to start with those closest to you:  your wife or significant other; your work associates; your golf buddies. 

Maybe you need to stop and take 5 minutes to think about how others have made your life more and make your “Thank you” more by telling them why and what. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. 

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  1. Thank you is powerful for sure and makes someone feel appreciated. If you are unable to personally thank someone, take a few minutes & let them know
    by sending a note or card. The delight when someone walks to their mailbox
    and receives mail. Then to know that someone took the time to write that
    note/card to thank you for what you had done. It’s even ok to send a thank
    you to someone many years ago that did something that touched you, such as
    a doctor, a nurse, teacher, pastor, hairdresser etc. Just the thought of letting that person know you appreciated them, will make someone on the receiving end smile.

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