The Disappearing Act

Hey Gents, does it seem like your products aren’t lasting as long these days? Well, if you are users of these five men’s grooming products, we may know why. It turns out women have caught on to the awesomeness of The Gents Place’s products and are using them up before you men have a chance. Below are the top five products that women seem to love just as much as their men! So beware…you may have to purchase these in bulk!

Eye deed. Eye Deed is an eye cream in the Permission Skin Care line. The cream is a hydrating solution that helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Women and men have completely different skin complexes however the commonality is the under eye area. Therefore, this product is just an effective for women as it is for the men purchasing it.

L2 Lakme Leave-in Conditioner. L2 has been loved by any and everyone who gets their hands on it. This lovable leave-in conditioner is great for men, women and children. The combination of a protein derivative and a cationic active ingredient instantly disentangles the hair and enhances its shine while protecting and preserving the hair fiber. This product has definitely become a family favorite and is also available in travel size, which is great for family vacations.

Dreadnought Post Shave Balm. This masculine balm has been an instant favorite for clients of The Gents Place. However, ladies are now coming in to purchase this as well. Why…you wonder? Well, this product is not your normal shaving balm. It was scientifically designed to combat the growth of hair with the miracle ingredient called Decelerine. Within months, the appearance of hair is reduced making shaving needed less often and much more comfortable.

Lakme Pliable Natural Hold Hairspray. Women everywhere would agree that finding the right hairspray is harder then it seems. It either makes the hair to stiff or doesn’t hold style at all. That is exactly why Lakme Natural Hold is so great for both men and women. It holds the style while adding shine and allowing for the hair to move.

Claus Porto soaps. This 100% natural, vegetable based and concentrated shea butter formula softens and protects your skin as you wash. The soap bar that lasts forever is milled SEVEN times so that there is no cracking or splitting and the fragrance lasts until the very end of the bar. With several fragrances to choose from, this soap has proven to be a household hit.

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