The Best Beers You May Have Never Tried

Stuck in a beer rut? Stop buying the same old stuff. Next time you’re in the mood for a cold one, pick from this list of the best beers you’ve probably never tried.

  • Delirium Nocturnum (Brouwerij Huyghe) – Hailing from Belgium, this 8.5% alcohol by volume mixes spices and a variety of fruit flavors it packs a bit of a bite.
  • The Bruery’s Cuir – A 14.5% alcohol by volume beer that doesn’t taste much like alcohol, this beer has notes of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, raisin and plums. The initial taste is bourbon-like, while the final flavors are fruitier. Only catch is you have to head to California to get one.
  • Grimbergen – Another Belgium beer, this one brewed by Alken Maes, is a century old recipe that produces a 6.5% alcohol content, smooth, brown beer.
  • Zywiec Lager – The Polish brewery Zywiec was originally opened in the 1800s and produces one of the best lagers in the world.
  • Rock Bottom’s Snarleywine – This English Barleywine is very bourbon forward but does contain notes of caramel, vanilla, raisins and coconuts.


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