The Five Guidelines for Building a Gentleman’s Wardrobe

They say the clothes make the man, and while I don’t think that’s completely true, your clothes do say a lot about you and can either attract or repel people. With so many variables in life, bringing some control to your universe by controlling the way you are perceived through your clothes isn’t a bad idea. Sure, we want to be judged for who we are, not what we wear, but for better or for worse your clothes are going to speak volumes about who you are, before you ever even say a word.

So, how can you build a wardrobe that says you are a gentleman who wishes to be known and appreciated for his stellar inner qualities? Consider these five tips for building the best wardrobe.

  1. Learn to interchange the pieces of your wardrobe. Two suits, four dress shirts, four ties and two pairs of shoes can make a total of 64 different outfit combinations. The key to being able to remix your wardrobe is learning to buy pieces that are interchangeable. Build up a base of classic colored suits and dress shirts that easily pair with tie patterns that have stood the test of time.
  2. Find the perfect fit. A well-dressed man doesn’t necessarily have the most expensive clothes, or the flashiest. His clothes will, however, fit him perfectly. Buy your clothes to fit your body now. If pieces you own are too large or too small, have them tailored.dv1560020
  3. Stick with the classics. Chose colors that work well with your skin tone, pick patterns that have been around for decades and elect for classically cut styles. By picking high quality timeless pieces you will be sure to build a wardrobe that lasts. Don’t waste your time with trendy styles that will be out of fashion come the next spring season.
  4. Don’t base all of your clothing choices on price. Oftentimes buying the more expensive item is actually more cost effective. How so? First of all, higher-quality pieces tend to last longer. Secondly, you’ll feel better when you wear high quality items, making you want to wear them more.
  5. Take time to build your wardrobe. As you age your style as well as your budget will change. Taking time to build your wardrobe allows you to pick items that match your evolving style over the years and buy items that are in line with your budget at the moment. You may find you chose classic cuts and colors at 20 that work well into your 40s, and as time passes you’ll likely have a little extra cash to round the outfit out with nicer shoes or ties.
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