Enjoying Thanksgiving Like a Gent

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. This is the time to step back from work and take more time with your family. However this very wonderful thing can also stress you out. Here are our suggestions to enjoy your family time this Thanksgiving.


Don’t Be Yourself
Well don’t be 100% of yourself, 100% of the time. When you’re constantly surrounded by family for an extended period of time, there will be situations where you are going to have to swallow your pride, bite your tongue, or morph into a completely different person all together. Situations like this include the time when your mother-in-law bombards you with 99 passive-aggressive questions or your bullheaded uncle wants to discuss politics.

Bring a Gift
If you are attending Thanksgiving at a family member’s house, bring a gift to begin the day on a good note. Maybe a nice bottle of wine, a floral arrangement, or better yet something that appeals to their personal interest.

Consider Inviting a Stranger
Ok, not a complete stranger, but consider bringing someone who the entire family doesn’t know. Maybe that new couple who just moved to your neighborhood and doesn’t have family in town? Everyone seems to act nicer in front of outsiders, so this will keep the family squabbles to a minimum.

Take a Walk
Take a walk or a bike ride. Anything to get yourself out of the house, but be sure that you do it alone. It’ll clear your head, give you a chance to get some exercise, and little well-deserved peace and quiet.

When all else fails, pour yourself (and maybe everyone else) a nice glass of bourbon. It’ll take the edge off.

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