How to Style Your Hair for a Job Interview

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Iconic men’s shaving brand Gillette recently released a survey which revealed that over 90% of recruitment professionals believed that being well-groomed was the absolute key factor when it came to delivering a great first impression. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to realize that a great first impression equals better chance of getting the job.  Dressing and preparing for an interview can be stressful and full of danger. How can you avoid the common traps and ensure your hair does not let you down?

Starting Out
Firstly, let us look at the debate around facial hair. The big question here generally centers on whether or not any form of stubble is acceptable. Our advice is always to play it safe, and always go clean-shaven unless you have a goatee that you can taper and make to look immaculate. Scruffy or “designer” stubble is never a good look either. Portraying a professional look will give you the best chance of getting the job.

On Top
There are certain things that are obvious when it comes to haircuts and job interviews. First things first, however: dealing with the haircut itself. Unless you are offered an interview at very short notice, then you should be planning to get your hair cut at the very least a week before the big day, ideally two. If you are a smart man when it comes to your haircut, then you will have a regular schedule for getting it cut anyway. An interviewer will have much more confidence in you if you are carrying your natural look, rather than something that appears manufactured specifically for the day.

Styling Ideas
Extravagant styles are for the pub, and certainly not to be seen at work until you have been there a while and get to know your colleagues a little better. For the interview, styles should be crisp and sober, but that is not to say boring. The best haircut for a job interview is to ensure all hair is cut away from your face and ears, while leaving a little length on top for you to style a little. Avoid creating a “flick” or shaping your hair into a Mohawk (sounds obvious – you would be surprised how easy this is to do unintentionally) at all costs.

When it comes to the products, use a wax or other matte effect product. Wet look products have not been stylish for around 20 years now, yet still there is bound to be someone sporting that style.  Just make sure it is not you.

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  1. I have just gained a new job. I am wanting to change my hairstyle instead of being combed back, to a small fringe. Is this ok to do or do they want the same look as at the interveiw?

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