How to Make Your Mom Proud

While Mother’s Day may be in May in the United States, a man should try to show appreciation for his mother every day.

Moms get it rough sometimes. dads do as well, but the father and son relationship is often less emotive. Sons are expected not to be too gushing in their adoration for their fathers, even though the father is the model for how a boy will learn to be a man.

Moms love the big hugs and homemade cards. They love the mornings making pancakes or the nights snuggling on the sofa. As men grow up, that level of affection can wane. Boys grow up and start looking outward from the family. That can feel like a loss to a mom.

Moms don’t often ask for appreciation, but when they receive it, they treasure it in a way that is uplifting and revitalizing to them.

Because of this sensed need from moms, men grow up wanting to make their mom proud. As little boys, we hope to win the approval of our moms, unless it involves eating vegetables. As we age, it becomes more complicated.

So how do you show your mom the love and appreciation she deserves?

Be A Good Man

All moms who have ever existed have wanted their little boys to grow up to be good men. Even if the environment or methods used to raise those boys were not ideal, the end goal is to have their boy grow into a man who respects women, does the right thing, and works hard to be successful.

There are a lot of distractions available in the world today that can deter a man from being good. Resisting those distractions will be a testament to her influence on your upbringing. We all want our dads to be proud of us, but we all need our moms to love us when we need it most. Being a man she is proud of is our way of earning that love.

Be A Good Dad

The stereotype of a mom haranguing their adult children for grandchildren exists for a reason. Moms love being moms, but they love being grandmas even more.

Want to make your mom proud? Become a good dad.

Being a good dad is the ultimate compliment to her and her parenting ability. Seeing you do well as a dad means she was a good mom. 

Parents don’t always get it right. They will dwell on their errors much longer than all the wins they may have experienced as parents. Seeing their children being good parents is the ultimate satisfaction.

Plus, a good dad means well-behaved grandchildren, which is much more enjoyable for her. 

Remember Her

The best way to make a mom proud is to remember her. That is most important to her when she is still around to appreciate it, and more important to the son when his mom is no longer around to accept his praise. 

Random phone calls, impromptu visits, or including her in your family’s vacation plans are ways to show your mom how much she means to you. These moments of gratitude mean even more when her children grow up and may not be around as much. These acts mean she is on your mind, even when she doesn’t have to be.

And when the time comes that your mother is not around to accept the phone calls or unscheduled visits, taking the time to be thankful for her and remember what she was to you is the most helpful to you in grieving her loss. Moments when you want to visit her or send her photos of your kids, just for you to suddenly realize it isn’t possible, will hurt. In those moments, remembering her will be the only way to feel like she is still there to dote on you and love you unconditionally.

As boys, we crave the nurturing spirit of our moms while we adore the rough-and-tumble play with our dads.

But moms are the ones we always go to when we are hurt or sad. We need them then, and they know it. 

Take this opportunity to let your mom know now how much you appreciate and love her. 

And always do your best to make her proud.

That is better than any vase of flowers you will ever give her.

Photo by Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash

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