How to Look Like a Gent during Summer Weddings

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There do seem to be an awful lot of guides out there that tell women how to look amazing at a wedding, whether it is their own or one they are attending as a guest.  Some will say that the reason such guides don’t exist for men is because men don’t care. Some don’t, undoubtedly, bdv1321016ut it is probably nearer to the truth to say that most do, but there just isn’t enough information out there to point them in the right direction. If you’re a guy admitting that you sought a little image assistance can be the starting point of weeks or months of mockery, which can obviously be something of a put-off.

But we’re more than happy to give you a leg up, especially with the summer wedding season approaching. Check out how to look like a gent at every wedding you attend this year.

Do Your Research

There are two prongs to this point. The first is that you need to discover if there are any specific color schemes. If it isn’t on the invitation, ask the groom what shades he will be sporting on the big day.

Speaking of the groom, we move to point two. Find out everything you can about his suit. Yes, you want to look good, but appearing to out dazzle him in the style stakes is a big no-no.

Sensible Dress

If you have a wardrobe bursting with stylish formal wear, then this will be easy. If not, you might struggle a little.

Keeping an eye on the weather forecast is the key. If it’s going to be hot, you need to pull out the linen and go for lighter colors. Cold, then you can stick to wool blend or something more everyday.

Accessorize Well

We’re not suggesting that you turn up at the church dripping with bling, but you should put some time and effort into making sure that the added touches to your look are taken care of.

Pull out your best watch, ensure your sunglasses are in great condition, and find some great cufflinks to sport. The little things matter, even if you’re sitting at the back of the church or on the corner table at the reception, someone will notice and judge.

Take Care of Grooming

Even if you go to work looking a tad unkempt and get away with it, that is not an excuse to go for the same look at a wedding. Whatever your usual appearance, hair needs to be tidy and any facial hair trimmed back and neat.

In short, you need to make the effort you would on your own wedding day.

Take care of these tips and you’ll look and feel great without appearing as if your trying to upstage the wedding itself. Whether you want to blend in or stand out, these pointers will give you the essential look for a summer wedding.

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