How to Balance your Work and Home Life Effectively

Balancing work and family life isn’t easy. As the man, you want to be able to provide for your family, which requires grit and determination in your work life. However, you also need to be a part of your children’s lives – helping to shape and grow them into responsible adults. In today’s modern family most parents share in the work and home life responsibilities. So, how can you climb the corporate ladder while still being the world’s best dad?

  • Leave work at work. During dinnertime, bath time, story time and general kid time turn off your iPhone. Disconnect for a little while. While you may need to continue working a bit at home, do it when your kids are at soccer practice or tucked in bed.
  • Eat as a family. Studies have shown that kids from families who enjoy mealtime together do better in school and are less likely to get involved with drugs. Make it your aim to get home early enough to enjoy dinner with your family. If you can, cook with your kids. Use mealtime to talk to them, asking about their day. Come up with topics the whole family can discuss and enjoy together.
  • Take your vacations. Use your vacation time to take a trip with your family. Your kids will never forget it. Leave your work at the office and head out for two and a half weeks of vacation bliss with the family.
  • Take out time for each kid. Schedule an outing with each kid once a month. It will give you one-on-one time with each child, and keep sibling jealousy at bay.
  • Have a weekly Family Night. Set this in stone and always make it happen. Plan activities that encourage conversation, not just TV watching. Remember board games? Ice cream parlors? Help your kids enjoy that sort of thing.
  • Take your kids to work. Let them see what you do on a daily basis so they can feel like they are a part of your work life too.
  • Sacrifice yourself first, not your kids. If you have extra work to do, consider hitting the office early rather than missing dinner. A true manly man puts his family first.

Your work is going to take 40 hours out of you a week, minimum. Give those 40 hours your all, and save as much of what is left over for your family. All the time spent with your kids and your wife will help keep you grounded and make any pressures you are facing at work much more bearable. A strong and happy family man makes a better businessman.

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