Getting Your Feet Repaired

One of the services we offer here at The Gents Place is a foot repair (what some people call a “pedicure”).  We know that part of looking and feeling your best isn’t just what people can see, like your face and hair, but also what people can’t see, which includes your shoes and feet.  That’s why we offer shine service at our clubs and why many of our members opt to include foot repairs as part of their regular grooming routine.  In this article we’ll explain what’s in it for you.

Why Bother

Feet are important.  We use them every day in every facet of our lives.  But because they are “down there” they can get neglected.  The odd fungal infection or ingrown toenail never happens because we plan for them, but because we probably don’t pay enough attention to our feet.  Many diseases often first manifest in the feet.  Our team aren’t doctors, but sometimes they provide that friendly nudge that we all need to get something checked out.

What Happens

Remember that ultimately this is a type of skincare, though the skin around your feet is some of the toughest you have.  The first thing we’ll need to do is soak your feet in warm water, but we’ll modulate that temperature to one that you prefer (some prefer volcano-level hot).  That’s going to soften and hydrate the dead skin and dry patches so we can remove them more easily.

Then we are going to use a foot scrub to exfoliate your skin, then target some of those calluses with a tool.  After that we’ll clip your toenails and then rinse your feet again.  We’ll then massage your feet and calves before applying some cream to rehydrate that skin, along with a hot towel wrap to relax those muscles after we’ve worked on them.  If it sounds relaxing, that’s because it is.


The most important benefit is what we alluded to at the beginning: this is another facet of you looking and feeling your best.  But if a foot repair is outside of your comfort zone and you still need a few more reasons:

  • healthier nails – by having them properly clipped and managed regularly you’re less likely to get infections
  • smoother skin – do you really want to be carrying out dead skin?
  • better smelling feet – when you don’t have dead skin or fungus around, there’s less reason for your feet to smell
  • increased circulation – massaging your feet and calves leads to better circulation in that part of the body, as it’s not something you are likely to do for yourself often, if at all
  • better athletic performance – when your feet are healthier you have better recovery time and endurance and are less likely to get injured

Remember, if you’re worried about getting a pedi–, don’t worry, we don’t do those at The Gents Place.  They are called foot repairs, because that’s what they do.

Have you already been converted to the idea of trying a foot repair in the past?  Share your experience in the comments below.


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