Gentlemen’s Toolkit for the Winter Season

Winter is finally here! That means colder weather, shorter days, and drier skin. To get you ready for the winter month’s we’ve put together the essential Gentlemen’s Toolkit for the Winter Season:

    • Moisturizer – A good moisturizer should be used on a daily basis, year-round, but if you don’t use one in the winter months you are sure to feel the effects quite rapidly.
    • Lip balm – No gentlemen should have dry cracking skin, especially not leading up to Valentine’s Day. Dr.Harris & Co. lip balm combines cocoa butter and menthol to soothe dry, chapped lips.
    • Gloves – Danier leather gloves are the perfect combination of class and elegance to add to your winter work and weekend wear. For a day on the slopes try MEC Black Diamond Mercury Mitts.
    • Scarves – You’ll want to have a couple scarves in your winter wear repertoire: at least one for wearing to the office with your trench coat, one for a casual night out on the town, and one for hitting the slopes.  For the office try a Gucci cashmere scarf over a wool jacket, tied in a simple knot around your neck. For a weekend out, go with something like a Banana Republic merino wool scarf or a trendy Kashmere scarf, wrapped twice and looped through once at your throat. Heading out to the slopes a thick chunky scarf from Gap is the perfect item to keep your neck warm.
    • Winter boots – Our favorite brands for gentlemen are:
        • Jack Threads – Affordable, yet distinguished J. Shoes on sale.
        • Red Wing – For the tough and rugged gentleman.
        • Quoddy – Sheepskin-lined literal Grizzly boots – need I say more?
        • Bed Stu – Trendy, a touch pretentious, but definitely unique.
        • Grenson – Sleek, trendy. Less than practical, and UK based, but damn attractive.

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