Eye Gel is For Women…Or Is It?

I am quite certain that the most commonly ignored facet of grooming for men is the eyes. You know what I’m talking about – the delicate skin right below your eyes that often times looks tired, saggy, puffy, dark or riddled with fine lines. Depending on your lifestyle, sometimes it probably looks pretty decent, while other times it might make you look like the living dead. The causes are many: stress, lack of sleep, not enough water, too much sodium in your diet, partying too hard, as well as genetic factors and aging. Unlike women, we don’t (in general) use make-up to hide dark circles. However, there is much you can do to prevent wrinkles, decrease puffiness and leave your eyes looking rejuvenated.

Eye gels and creams specifically formulated for men’s skin can do much good in keeping the area around your eye’s looking young. First, they moisturize which helps to minimize fine lines and prevent new ones from forming. Second, they can visibly reduce dark circles under your eyes within an hour of application. Third, eye gels and creams reduce puffiness, so you can look refreshed after a late night out.

Start using eye gel regularly early enough and you’ll extend the youthful look of your eyes as you age. Once you begin using eye gel regularly you will start to see a difference in general appearance almost immediately and wrinkles will begin to fade after a few weeks.

Brands like Clarins, Nivea, Lab Series for Men, Jack Black and Anthony Logistics all carry under eye gels and creams that are specifically made for men. You can find most of these products online at Sephora.com. Make sure and look for an eye gel containing Haloxyl(TM), Natural vitamin E, Active Manuka Honey and Babassu, four natural components that are safe and effective in taking good care of your eyes.

Tip: To work together with your eye gel to keep your eyes young avoid foods high in salt, get plenty of sleep, don’t smoke, go easy on the alcohol, drink lots of water and ALWAYS use a good sunscreen.

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