Consistent Swing

This is a guest post by Nathan Grafe, Director of Instruction at Gentle Creek Golf Club

One word I hear time and time again is the word “consistency.” For all of us “consistency” comes to play at many times in our daily lives. For me I am speaking directly from the golf course.

As the Director of Instruction at Gentle Creek Golf Club, the word CONSISTENCY sure comes up a lot from students I’m observing for the first time. Most tell me that “I’m just not consistent” or “I have no consistency”.golf

When you look up the word “consistent” it uses words and phrases such as compatible, adhering to the same principles and laws, and holding firmly together to define it. So when I hear them complain that they are inconsistent I agree because they are in fact rarely compatible between swing and body, rarely adhere to principles and laws and rarely hold together.

In order to be more consistent in golf, you must consistently preform your “grip”, “alignment”, and “posture” correctly every time.  Alignment in my opinion is the toughest out of the three to perform with consistency, so I would suggest focusing on that first and foremost.

It’s been proven that right handed golfers tend to aim too far right and vice versa. The tendency is often to make the club swing back into the target and getting the club steep…. “Over The Top” for those of you that are familiar with this term.

One quick method that will help is to lay down clubs pointing directly at the intended target in front and behind the ball creating a “target line” and other clubs parallel to the established “target line” confirm that your “body lines;” knees, hips, shoulders, feet, eyes are parallel to intended target line. This is the start for a consistent swing.

The next time you attend a professional tournament, take note of all of the alignment aids being used and try to practice these techniques the next time you’re on the course. You can also learn from the professionals at Gentle Creek Golf Club. Professional lessons are the quickest way to improve our own consistency on the course.

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