Bow Ties and Mustaches

There’s no doubt about it – bow ties and mustaches are trending big time. These two fashion risks require a man to have the utmost confidence because a bow tie and a mustache are sure to draw plenty of comments, as well as compliments.

Neil Borin, owner of Carrot & Gibbs, a bow tie and cummerbund seller say in the Denver Post, “There’s no question that bow ties are undergoing a bit of a renaissance. Things have been so casual for so long now that there’s a percentage of guys out there who are tired of it and want to dress a little differently. It’s about wanting to dress, not needing to.”

He adds that wearing a bow tie “gives a guy the opportunity to dress outside the box, and add some fun and interest” to his wardrobe.

According to the Post article, here are some Dos and Donts of wearing a bow tie.

Don’t worry about breaking rules. Experts say bow ties can be worn with either a button-down or straight-collared shirt, and they work well with solid or patterned shirts. Ask yourself whether you’re wearing it for a formal or a casual outing. More formal events call for straight-collared shirts.

Unless you’re younger than 5, never, ever wear a clip-on or pre-tied bow tie. Learn to tie one, and practice until you get it right. Salespeople at menswear stores can help.

Learn the different types of bow ties, and try some on to see which size looks best on your body. Dick Pattison of Taylor Richards & Conger in Charlotte warns against ties that are too large or cartoonish-looking. The hipper styles are the slimmer ones.

Read the full story on bow ties here: Hot under the collar: the bow tie makes a comeback – The Denver Post

This brings us to our next trend – the mustache. In recent years the art of grooming has been making a comeback among gentlemen. The last facial hair trend to rise up from the grave is the mustache. While the beard made a quick and easy comeback, the mustache has had more of a bumpier ride. While the mustache has been through periods of greatness (think the 1850s and early 1900s) it has also seen dark, dark days (think the 1970s).

However, there are currently signs that the mustache is making quite a comeback. The likes of Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds and more recently Bradley Cooper have been seen spotting the ‘stache. Despite these prime examples of mustaches in all their glory, popular opinion on mustaches is still shaky. As with the bow tie, the trick to wearing the mustache is confidence.

While the mustache can be worn with the utmost air of a gentleman, finding the right mustache, styling and outfit to complete it takes effort. When done right the mustache and the bow tie bring an originality and flair of confident style that set you apart from the crowd.

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