Best Yelp Review of The Gents Place…EVER.

Read on for “The Owner’s Manual for The Gents Place” by Yelp Elite User, Eric Couch:

MEN ONLY.  It’s about time!

Yes, clothes make the man, BUT along those lines I’ve always heard and noticed that if you want to look the part then be well groomed which means having shined shoes and well groomed hands, face and hair.  That’s what this is for!

Why should you read my review…  It’s the OWNER’S MANUAL for the Gents Place.

In 2.5 months, I’ve had 5 hair cuts, 2 hand repairs, 2 foot repairs, 2 massages, 2 straight razor shaves, 6 shoe shines & 1 happy hour.  They also offer hand rolled stogies, custom ties & pocket squares, custom pens and watches, cigar lighters & a lot more for the manly executive.

If I were to describe the Gents Place in two words it would be, “Man Cave” or as my wife calls it my “Man Spa”.

ENTER: When you walk in the door you are greeted by Sam, Christina or Amy who will address you by name and offer you a complimentary drink (they have a stocked bar, soft drink machine and numerous wines).  Also, no matter where you are or what service you are getting, there will be a flat screen TV in view with your favorite sport playing.

SHINE EM: I don’t care how good you look, folks will be turned off if you have dull beat up shoes.  That’s where Ken comes in.  He will offer a shoe shine as soon as you arrive or when you’re done with your service.  He shined at the airport for over 30 years (his family owned those shine stands).  Let me tell you, there is no one better than him!  He spent a solid 30 minutes on a pair of my boots last Friday and they look better than the day I purchased them.  Don’t miss out on this!

STYLE: There are several lady stylist: Sarah, Nicole, Blanca, Katie, Jennifer & Jackie.  I’ve used most of them and all do a great job.  It’s not your momma’s haircut.  Sure you get the cut, style and wash, BUT with the #7, you also get a mini facial when they wash your hair because they rub in this face cream that feels like sand paper to remove “stuff” (technical term) followed up with some nice soothing cream/lotion that they massage in.  They also massage your head, shoulders, arms and hands AND do a paraffin wax on your hands.  The shoulder, arm and hand massage last about 10 minutes while you relax with a hot towel over your face.  It’s pretty ridiculous!  The whole experience last a solid hour and is well worth it.

SHAVE: HOLY COW this is AWESOME!  Alright so Agustin works most days whereas Lilly and Richard work Thursdays only.  I’ve used Agustin and Lilly and plan to try Richard this Thursday (he used to cut Sinatra’s son’s hair in Vegas).  It last an entire hour and comes with all kinds of face lovin’ treatments not to mention the pure awesomeness of a straight razor shave.  It’s a must have.

REPAIR those HANDS & FEET: some might call this a mani/pedi and for them I would request their man card.  This is a full-fledged, man card waiving, strut-like-a-CEO experience.  There’s no pink polish fears or ladies speaking about you to coworkers in another language.  There’s no soccer mom eyeballing you like a freak with her kids running around screaming.  You are in a high back leather man chair with a drink in your hand watching the game.  It’s quiet and personalized attention by an expert.  Also, speaking candidly, if you’re trying to make a great impression in a business deal, you don’t want them fixated on the black crap that is under your nails!  Look the part, make the sale, get repairs regularly.  Moving on.

MASSAGE: Tricia and Janet are there to relax those sore muscles.  Janet is new so I haven’t met her, but will this Thursday.  Tricia is great!  She works other days at a medical rehabilitation place so she knows how to help muscles.  It’s private and professional and a great experience.  The best way to appear unstressed in life is to be unstressed.  Invest in yourself, you’re worth it.

PRICING: Are the cuts any good?  No.  They are freaking GREAT!  Can you get this experience for $1 a month?  No, but if you’re looking for something more and would like to network with like minded guys then this could be for you.  Membership has it’s privileges and on your first visit they will offer you a 10% membership discount on the package of your choosing.  You can also potentially WRITE OFF YOUR MEMBERSHIP so ask them how.  Also, for every friend you refer who joins, you get 10% off your membership the following year.  Get 10 friends and your following years membership is FREE.  How’s that for pricing?

For your 1st visit, find them on facebook and get a FREE #3 cut or become friends with a member and get a FREE #7.

If you want to be treated like the chief then look like one.  That’s what this is for!  So man up and give them a try.

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