Before it’s out: the iPhone 7

Not everyone uses an Apple iPhone, but as new versions of it release, we get a better sense of the new priorities of smartphone users.  With the release of the newest iteration of its core product just a few weeks away (sometime in September 2016), we thought we might give our readers a heads-up on what Apple is delivering next. We put together this list by researching and following the story behind this device for the last few months and it seems that those who watch Apple and its moves for a living have put forth good evidence for these features.

The Apple iPhone 7 – some forecasts

  • A US price point of $649 on the base model 7, which may be available in Pro and Plus models as well.
  • A transition away from the 3.5mm headphone jack, a technology that goes all the way back to the 1979 Sony Walkman.  In its place we could see either earpods that plug into Apple’s proprietary Lightning Jack or possibly (though less likely, because of the cost) Bluetooth earpods.  This would create physical space for a second speaker grille, and as Apple continues to shape and dominate the music industry delivering a true stereo experience for its flagship phone seems a no-brainer.
  • A better camera, faster processor, higher resolution, and improved battery life.  Though, this is less about Apple’s innovation than about the current coordinated worldwide dedication to improving every part of these devices that rule our lives.

A gent regards his smartphone the way he might any useful tool: it should be reliable, simple (and elegant) to use, and something that he puts down when it’s time to enjoy those irreplaceable moments of life in front of him.  We all use our phones daily for email, navigation, picture taking, and oh yes, the occasional phone call, but the launch of yet another new phone (and the lines outside stores with people camping-out to be the first to buy it) can be a great opportunity for us to evaluate our use of smartphones and whether we are truly using them as tools…or letting them use us, as their attentive playthings.

We’re curious – what’s your preferred smartphone and why do you enjoy using it?  Tell us in the comments and one of the commenters will be randomly selected for a free shoeshine at one of our locations in Texas or Kansas.

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  1. Great post! I am an iPhone man all the way! I enjoy using iPhone because of the amazing compatibility with my Macbook Pro, iPad and Apple TV!

    1. I am definitely an iPhone guy. I’ve been happy with my 5s and havent found enough value in upgrading to a 6 yet. Come on lucky 7!

  2. If the Rumor Mill is any indicator as to what s coming down the pike in regards to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , the larger of the two handsets is getting the bigger focus on camera upgrades. For some iPhone owners out there, even 128GB of built-in storage might be pushing the limit for the content they want to host on their device instead of in the cloud.

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