Accountability for the New Year

In past articles we’ve given you tips on how to set goals for a new year as well as cautioned you against falling into old patterns of failure from previous resolutions.  And knowing how to set goals against a backdrop of self-awareness is a good start.  But pairing your goals and resolutions with accountability from a band of brothers can supercharge your new year.


Chief Culture Officer of The Gents Place Lauren Davis is a big fan of Brene Brown, and in particular, her talk about vulnerability.  As men we can sometimes fall prey to being a bit too closed off and unwilling to share, even in our closest relationships.  It takes a lot to admit what our deepest goals and desires are to others, as they will then know if you don’t achieve them, and in our curated social-media driven world, it’s a rare occasion when failure is in the open.


However, friendship isn’t just about celebrating victories.  It’s also about the struggle towards those victories, and sometimes, the defeats.  Taking the time to share, on a regular basis, whether by email, phone call, or a face-to-face meeting, goals and desires for the coming year (and as the year progresses) will not just feel good for you, but for those who feel your trust in sharing with them.

But it’s only one thing to be willing to share.  It’s another thing to ask someone to hold you accountable.  The people you ask can help you pinpoint where you are succeeding (or failing) and offer tips and help to keep you on track.  You can also do the same for them, if they choose to share with you.


There are many things that we may wish to improve about ourselves, but the secret of success is focus.  Instead of that long list, really focus on one or two things that you want to improve, using the SMART principles we spoke about before, and dedicate whatever part of the coming year you wish to achieving those things.  When you share with a band of brothers, and allow yourself to be held accountable, it won’t be a private victory when you achieve, but one you can celebrate with those who came along for the ride with you and cheered you on the way.

Have you put your resolutions together for the coming year?  If you feel comfortable sharing at least one in the comments below, we’ll give you 25% off a service you’ve never tried with us before the next time you come into one of our clubs.

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