The 10th Anniversary iPhone: what we know

Around this time one year ago we gave you some of the key design points that were anticipated in the (then) new iPhone 7.  We happened to be right about those points, not because we had some secret spies in China at Apple’s factories, but because so many people carefully watch this company and there is a lot of very good information out there.  Here are some things to watch for if you are considering purchasing this device, which is likely to launch in September, which is the month Apple has traditionally launched new iPhone products:

  • 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iPhone, so Apple wants to create a special device.  It will feature a redesign, with a glass body (like the iPhone 4).  A glass body will allow for wireless charging (there are real difficulties wirelessly charging phones with metal bodies).  It’s also thought that Apple will get away from the classic “home” button and have an end-to-end glass body.  As with the iPhone 7, there will be no headphone jack.
  • In place of Touch ID there may be laser-powered facial recognition technology.  This is thought to be simpler and more secure.
  • Apple will increase the water-resistant standards established by the iPhone 7 series.
  • There will be Apple Pencil support, despite the fact that Steve Jobs famously never wanted stylus devices to be used with the iPhone and iPad.
  • This device will be the most expensive, high-end phone Apple has ever made, with base models expected to cost $1000-$1200 USD.
  • The device could be called the iPhone 8, but may also be called the iPhone Pro, or iPhone X (again, to pay homage to the anniversary).

As we noted in last year’s article, such a hyped product launch is an occasion to step back and examine the role of technology in our lives – not just in our phones, but with all the digital mobile devices we use.  Do we use these tools to better our lives, or do they use us to trap us in their virtual universe, which doesn’t need food, exercise, water, or sunlight?  A Gent is always in control of his technology and is always striving to put it in its proper time and place.

Will you get this new Apple device?  What phone do you use now?  Are you happy with it?  Share in the comments below.

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