February 12, 2024
Martyrdom and Love: How St. Valentine’s Day Came To Be

This is your reminder that if you haven’t already bought something special for your significant other, you better go online or to the store as soon as you finish reading…

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November 30, 2021
A Gift-Giving Guide for Gents

You don’t want to be the Gent scrambling around on Dec 23rd or 24th, picking over the remains of what’s left at a store or browsing hurriedly through online sites. …

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December 18, 2018
Gifts for the Gent: Capturing Memories

Founder of the X-Prize Peter Diamandis has often discussed the principle of dematerialization: the movement away from stand-alone products into single integrated ones, and the movement away from owned products…

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December 22, 2015
Holiday-Themed Watches

Our friends at Timeless Luxury Watches put together a list of their favorite holiday-themed watches. Since it’s the holiday season, and many gents might like a new watch, we thought we’d share…

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December 10, 2012
Creative Gift Giving for Gentlemen

With the holidays fast approaching it is time to make your list and check it twice. Gift giving is a great way to show friends, family and coworkers that you…

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May 22, 2012
Five Things Your Old Man Won’t Ask For on Father’s Day, but He’d Love to Have

Not sure what to get your old man for Father’s Day, but pretty positive the last thing he wants is another tie? Chances are you’re right. In all likelihood, your…

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May 12, 2012
Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Feel like a total shmuck for waiting to buy a Mother’s Day present until now?  Good. You should.  That being said, we can’t leave you hanging without the perfect gift…

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