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April 22, 2024

Learning Language from an App

Most Americans grow up learning English, and that is good enough. We’re spoiled that way. Other countries tend to promote learning a second or even a third language as a…

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December 25, 2023
Christmas as a Single Dad

The best thing in the world to experience is seeing the smiles on the faces of your children on Christmas morning. It doesn’t matter if they are excited about a…

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December 18, 2023
What To Take When A Fire Comes

Driving up to smoke seeping out from under the eaves of one’s home is bad. Driving up to flashing lights and smoldering debris is worse.  Having to experience the aftermath…

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December 11, 2023
Buy Local, Especially This Time of Year

For most people, this time of year means frantically rushing to buy the perfect gift for someone they love.  The key word there is frantic.  The holidays are filled with…

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December 4, 2023
Films for the Gent: 3 Masterpieces from Director Fred Zinnemann

Few directors capture the poignancy of inner struggle like Fred Zinneman. If characters trying to stick to their principles in spite of immense internal and external pressures fascinates you, then…

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November 27, 2023
How To Learn From Audiobooks

Multitasking is an epidemic, and audiobooks are collateral damage in the war against multi-tasking. Some people can listen to audiobooks and retain information while driving, typing, or exercising. Others have…

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November 21, 2023
Overlanding to Find Community

We live in a world today that is more widely connected than at any other time in human existence. Unfortunately, that connection is skewing more toward digital pathways that can…

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November 15, 2023
Better Public Speaking for the Gent

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy…” – Eminem, from the song “Lose Yourself” The above quote is a line of lyrics from an Eminem song made famous…

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November 8, 2023
Why We Still Need True Heroes, Despite What Hollywood Shows Us

We need heroes. In today’s world, we often find ourselves in need of individuals who inspire us to be better and do better. Heroes come in many forms, from fictional…

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