Why Gents Get their Hands Repaired

While getting your hair cut might be one of the most obvious reasons you visit a Gents Place club, we’ve always said we aren’t in the haircut business.  We’re in the business of making you look and feel your best.  We recently spoke about the importance of foot repair; in today’s article we’ll talk about why your hands need repair too.

Support healthy nails and hands

Getting your hands repaired regularly ensures that your nails are trimmed, cleaned, and strengthened.  Stylists who take care of this service for you can also pinpoint issues that need to be looked at by a medical professional.  Let’s be honest, as men, sometimes we tend to ignore pain points or problems until they get really bad.  Hand repairs are preventative maintenance.

Your hands will also simply feel better, which doesn’t just matter in the boardroom when you’re shaking hands.  It also matters when you’re out with the opposite sex.  The last time we spoke about hand repair we shared a poll that showed that 52% of women consider a man’s hands as a key part of his attractiveness.  Cleaned and trimmed nails and softer, gentler hands show a Gent who pays attention to the details.

Decrease stress and alleviate anxiety

A part of every hand repair here at the Gents Place is a hand massage.  Massages of any part of your body are therapeutic, but for your hands, the increased blood circulation that results is particularly helpful.

A hand repair is also an unabashed moment of “me” time that a Gent can take in his day.  We often hear from our members who get a hand repair in the middle of the day how much better (unsurprisingly) the rest of the day went.  

Reduce signs of aging

As we noted above, our hands are busy at work every day.  We can forget that they don’t just take care of themselves: we have to take care of them too.  Just as a serum is a key part of a routine that takes care of the skin on our face, so too exfoliating is an important part of taking care of the skin on our hands.  This helps remove dead skin and promotes an even skin tone.

Once our stylists take off that dead skin, they’ll rehydrate your hands by using lotion which will also help improve your skin barrier function, which keeps away dryness, itching, and inflammation.  Water balance really matters when it comes to taking care of your skin (and your body!).

Gents who want to look and feel their best know there are multiple ways to do that: performing well at work or in the gym, being thoughtful with a significant other, and living intentionally.  Those actions and activities take effort on your part.  Actions like hand repairs allow us to do the work for you.  

Are hand repairs part of your routine?  If so, how often do you like to get them?  Let us know in the comments below.

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